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Pastor Judy Beaumont is Home with Love


It has been many months since I have been able to write here. During this time I was deeply privileged to accompany my life partner of almost thirty years and our Co-Pastor at Good Shepherd Ministries, Judy Beaumont as she lived and, on January 1st, 2018, died with AML, a terrible form of Leukemia. I witnessed her fighting, adapting to difficult changes, blessing all who came near and living a life of love and service until the end. When Bridget Mary, ARCWP Bishop spoke to us of angels and loved ones surrounding Judy said that she did not know yet about that but she did know God is there and will be there. And in that sure knowledge she lived and died-in the arms of God who is Love. As for me,my heart is broken without her, but I do know she is with Love forever and that is comfort. She promised she would be my angel if God wanted this, and I believe she is our angel now. She was this while here for all who needed her, especially the poorest and most broken and she is with us now.

Above, at Christmas 2015, she is enjoying our Christmas Santa at Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community. Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with Advanced High Risk MDS,the precursor of AML diagnosed after a failed experimental trial in April of 2017. Yet her joy and smile light up our lives always.

Above she is celebrating another Holy Season with members of our Good Shepherd Community

The Memorial Mass for Rev. Judy Beaumont, RCWP was at St. Andrew UCC Church in Sarasota, Florida and Rev. Judith McKloskey , RCWP, living now in Missouri with winters in Bonita Springs, Florida presided with Bishop Andrea Johnson, RCWP East and Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP also co-Pastor of Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community that meets at St. Andrew Church in Sarasota every Saturday. We are so thankful to St. Andrew and Mary Mother of Jesus communities for welcoming us for a beautiful liturgy and Reception Dinner catered by our friends Kathy Roddy of North Fort Myers and Cyrillia Rismay of St. Lucia, TWI. Judy Alves read the prayers of the people. Rev. Marina Teresa Sanchez also assisted by reading the Gospel in Spanish. Over thirty members of our Good Shepherd Community and many others numbering about eighty people attended this special Mass and farewell honoring and celebrating the life of Judy Beaumont and hundreds of others sent condolences and made donations to Rev. Joe Irvin’s Bootstraps Ministry with the homeless or the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in her blessed memory.
For the full Liturgy of the Memorial Mass please see Bridget Mary’s BlogSpot for February 6th, 2018.
Below is Jill Bergner who is sharing her reflections about Judy. Jill is Judy’s beloved sister who was with us often and at the end of her time here.
I am also sharing my reflections and giving the homily.
Below, Natasha Terrell, Jim Pellstring and Hank Tessandori do the readings. Hank also sang Ave Maria after Holy Communion.


Judy’s brother Dr. Ed Beaumont and sister, Jill Bergner bring up the gifts.
Rev. Judith McKloskey and Bishops Bridget Mary Meehan and Andrea Johnson lead us in the Eucharistic Liturgy.
Afterward, Pastor Judy Lee mourns with Mary Flowers and family and friends gather to celebrate Pastor Judy Beaumont’s life with a meal and dialogue with a video of highlights of her life. The most moving moment was when ten year old Joelle White, whom we baptized at age three, sang her version of “I Will Take You Home Again Kathleen” with Judy’s name and words adapted by Joelle for Judy.


We love you forever dear Pastor Judy Beaumont, LIVE ON in LOVE!