Blessing Our Students On Their Return To School


On Sunday August 4, 2013 Co-Pastors Judy Lee and Judy Beaumont,Roman Catholic Women Priests serving  the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community in Fort Myers, Florida blessed thirteen of our young people who were returning to school this week.  The young people represented enthusiastic pre-schoolers, Fourth – seventh graders, three High School students and one College Student. We have five students in College but only Efe Cudjoe, a Junior at Brown University on Full Scholarship was with us today. Efe, who was our Youth Leader and Teacher for three years returns as often as possible to help us with the children she loves. Today she taught the Junior Class after Mass while Pastor Judy Lee taught the Teens.  Natasha Terrell our High School Senior had a full summer taking three online courses and volunteering at a local Day Care Center.  She received a stipend from Good Shepherd for some of her volunteer hours there and was glad to learn about teaching toddlers. Image

They received the blessings of the Pastors and the Congregation during Mass and they also prayed for God’s blessings in their respective classes. They discussed today’s Gospel about the Greedy Farmer and reflected on how they can share their gifts and talents and school supplies with others.  School supplies were given and each family given school start up support according to their need.  Our young people are eager to start school again and accept the challenge to do the very best they can do and to help other students by being the Christ Light for them.


Pastor Judy Lee, ARCWP

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2 responses to “Blessing Our Students On Their Return To School”

  1. jean anmuth says :

    our future is our youth so how wonderful for them to be blessed and taken care/note of.

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