Colombian Contingency of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Meets in Medellin

Our impassioned ARCWP group in Colombia, South America consists of two ordained priests, three strong  candidates, and several applicants and supporters. On September 14 and 15,2013 the group met in Envigado, Antioqua under the guidance of Rev. Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea who was ordained a priest in December of 2010 in Sarasota Florida. Aida Soto Bernal, the other priest ordained in Colombia in March of 2011 was not able to attend this meeting. The group will meet on a regular basis to reflect on their service to the people of God and their growth and commitments as women priests,aspirants and supporters. Rev. Dr. Judy Lee who is a co-guide of the candidates with Rev. Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea was able to greet the group on Saturday night by SKYPE. She also sent responses to questions and comments sent by those assembled. Rev. Judith Beaumont greeted them as well.  An  RCWP candidate in Spain also communicated with the group.

Candidate Marina Teresa Sanchez of Santiago de Cali was the scribe for the event, keeping good records of what was said and planned.  A leader in her faith community in Cali shared the mission of the community of faith in Playa Reciente, Cali and how happy they were to support Marina Teresa.   Candidate Judith Bautista Fajardo of SantaFe de Bogota began the two day meeting with liturgical dance from the Native American (Navajo) culture. She also shared a poem entitled Confession about finding her calling.  A religious sister and missionary who was a supporter was present and shared her ministry and  prayed with the group. Each one present reflected on her own journey of love and service.

Those assembled discussed issues such as responsibilities of women priests,IMG_0169 apostolic succession and “evangelical succession” from Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles. They considered the roles of priest as spiritual leader and guide along with all of the priesthood of the baptized. The role of priest as co-liberator with Christ was highlighted, especially with women and all those who are poor and living at the margins,

The time together ended with a beautiful and simple Eucharistic Liturgy led by Rev. Olga Lucia and celebrated communally by all present.

To see pictures of the gathering and Olga Lucia’s comments in Spanish please visit:


What joy it is to have a strong branch of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests growing in South America.  We have much to learn from them.  Thanks be to God!

Rev. Dr. Judy Lee,ARCWP

Rev. Olga Lucia Alvarez de Benjumea and Rev. Judy Lee in Photo,

Co-Coordinators of Programa de  Hispano Parlantes de ARCWP

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