WOW! It is Ready For Ordering- The House on Sunny Street by Rev. Dr. Judy Lee-Check it out!



 I am excited to share this autobiographical and historical novel with you. It is hot off the Presses and you can go to or or to to get it. It is available in paper and electronic forms. If you have ever wondered what makes people tick, what adds up to a human life, and what contributes to the life of a woman priest this book may have some answers for you.  If you like books about Brooklyn, New York, or inner city life anywhere this is your book. If you know the power of groups and the power of faith, this book is for you. If you like stories about real people who overcame some serious odds and kept on keeping on you will not be disappointed.  If you like to read about complex lives written so all can “get it” and laugh, cry, and cheer with the protagonists this is for you. If you believe in inclusion, justice and love you will enjoy this read!   

I hope you will check it out! If you do, please feel free to share your comments here. I welcome your responses. 

Keep on believin’

Rev. Dr. Judy Lee,ARCWP



6 responses to “WOW! It is Ready For Ordering- The House on Sunny Street by Rev. Dr. Judy Lee-Check it out!”

  1. Mary B-J says :

    Mazeltov, Judy! Yes, I’ll be ordering and appreciating it for ALL the reasons you list and more. –mary b-j

  2. barbara says :

    At last! Thank you once again for recapturing and that place and time.


  3. crippybob says :

    Thanks for sharing this Judy. I will be ordering and enjoying the publication.

  4. says :

    Thanks Judy for sharing your stories that shaped your becomeing a compassionate priest of the people on the margins. There is a cloud of witnesses that lived on Sunny Street cheering you on in heaven!
    Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwp

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