A Return Visit to Rev. Dr. Adele Jones,Woman Priest and Contemplative by Bishop Bridget Mary

In June 2013 Pastor Judy Beaumont and I had the pleasure of visiting the “senior priest” of The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, Rev. Dr. Adele Jones,86 years young. You may check the June Archives of this blog for learning more about this very special woman who chooses joy and enjoys every moment of her life.

Below, our Bishop, Rev. Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan shares highlights of her visit this week with Rev. Adele in San Antonio, Texas.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Sacred Journey – Conversations with a Contemporary Mystic: Dr Adele Jones, ARCWP

This week I have been blessed by my visit with Dr. Adele Jones, a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, and a mystic who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Here are a few of her spiritual insights: 

Adele Jones and Bridget Mary Meehan, left to right
at Villa San Antonio

 First, Adele who lives in joyful solitude in a senior living community, believes that we are all called to be mystics and prophets. 

She is grateful that she lives in San Antonio, a sacred place among people who descend from Latin American indigenous people who provide a rich cultural and spiritual heritage. 

Dancers at Our Lady of Guadalupe Liturgy in San Antonio

She credits institutions such as Incarnate Word, a Catholic University here, for leading the way in presenting in depth spiritual programs on topics like the new cosmology.

River Walk, San Antonio

Adele believes that there is a convergence that is happening now among people from diverse religious traditions who are coming together to share and to celebrate their experiences of Indwelling Presence in this world and beyond. “What could be more mystical than gazing at the stars,” Adele said. She feels God’s presence everywhere and is never bored.  

A devotee of the Feminine Divine,  Dr. Jones shared these thoughts from her workshop: “Sophia, the Breath of God: An Invitation to Wisdom”:
“…Sophia is nearly unknown in the twenty-first century but her presence in the world can be experienced as she again calls out amid the chaos, confusion and violence of our times. Once she is heard and her wisdom penetrates the human heart and mind, wise solutions to problems will be discovered, both individually and collectively…As more and more groups develop in wisely solving situations, whole cultures and societies will be influenced. It begins with one. It begins with me. It begins with you. A small beginning but a start. The idea of learning to live more wisely as an individual with the potential for that to spread to others is the most exciting adventure I can imagine…”

Adele Jones in her home in Villa San Antonio

We concluded our time together by celebrating Eucharist. As we prepared the altar, we prayed:
“Nurturing God, we are united in the sacrament by the love of Jesus Christ in communion with Mary, who proclaimed God’s power and mercy for the lowly and oppressed. Like Mary, First Disciple, may we live as prophetic witnesses in the Gospel. Like Mary May we discover the liberating power of Woman-Spirit in our midst. We ask this through Jesus, our brother, the cosmic Christ of the ages.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe at Cathedral in San Antonio

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