Children Bring Their Gifts to Jesus-Epiphany at The Church of the Good Shepherd

Our children prepare their gifts for Jesus. The gift of a smile, the gift of laughter and giggles, the gifts of their hearts, and the gift of telling the story to the Congregation held us spellbound. Our wise young people from different lands are both girls and boys, younger and older. They represent Africa, South America, Italy and the USA. They carried gold, (money in a small box), Frankincense in a censor and in a small bottle, and myrrh in the form of  aromatic candles.  They gave these gifts to Mary and Joseph. Mary (Jakeriya Maybin) begins by reading us the story of the gifts for the baby king that she wrote.  .

Our Mary, Jakeriya Maybin 11, tells us the story of how the wise people from far away brought baby Jesus very special gifts because they knew he would be King of our hearts and bring love to the world. Joseph, Jakein John Maybin listens.



Joseph reaches out to receive a gift from Niah Battles,5.


Frankie Antonio, 7 has given a box of gold.


Keion Lewis, 11 brings the sweet smelling Myrrh.


Marcella Randazzo, 12 brings the gift of herself.

How blessed we are to receive the gifts of our children on Epiphany.


Toni Ann and Baby Courtney


What shall we give the baby Jesus? We’ll give him our hearts…

Love and Joy,

Pastor Judy Lee,ARCWP and Pastor Judy Beaumont,ARCWP, Co-Pastors

Epiphany 1/5/14

4 responses to “Children Bring Their Gifts to Jesus-Epiphany at The Church of the Good Shepherd”

  1. P.Lee says :

    And a child shall lead them…. Amen!

  2. romancatholicwomenpriest says :

    Great pictures and great kids. Very touching! Of course two great pastors as well. God bless the children we all love!

    • judyabl says :

      Thanks for your support dear Dotty, The kids will be there for the Ordination thanks be to God and to Hank T. who will drive a 15 seat van. love and prayers, Judy

  3. Danielle says :

    Very sweet & full of love.

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