Rev. Chava’s Reflections on Love

And to this beautiful reflection I can only say  “AMEN!”

Oscar Romero Inclusive Catholic Church
Bulletin for Sunday, February 16, 2014
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear friends,

There is a meme going around on facebook, with an icon of St. Valentine
that purports to be him describing his gruesome martyrdom and saying, “and
you remember this by giving each other chocolate??!”

My thoughts in recent days have run in more or less the opposite direction.
I’ve been thinking that on Valentine’s Day we celebrate relationships; and
since we who are Trinitarian believe in a God whose very nature is
relationship, it might be a holiday to make more of in the church, rather
than less. (Not necessarily with chocolate). (Although I’m open to that!).

As a hospital and nursing home chaplain, one of the surprises I’ve had
these past five years or so is seeing so, so many happy marriages. I have
been privileged to witness couples saying goodbye to each other after 50 or
60 years. In the nursing home there are men and women who come in every day
to visit their spouse, sometimes even though that spouse no longer knows
who they are. Others with dementia will be like a different person when
their spouse is present; that relationship is still real and still
life-giving, when nearly everything else is gone. So many people are living
their vows every day, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health. It
truly is sacramental. God is present in these beautiful relationships.

I see God’s love in Santiago all the time. After more than two years
together our relationship has changed and grown, gotten deeper and more
sure, more like the ground I walk on, certain and true. Recently as we were
driving in the snow I realized how quiet he was, and thought of how things
have changed. Our first winter together, I could do no wrong. By the second
winter, he felt free to let me know when I was making driving decisions he
wouldn’t make! But now, in our third winter together, he only comments if I
really need to be warned about something. He’s learned what’s useful, and
what just makes me nervous. “Love is patient, love is kind,” as St Paul

On Valentine’s Day we had planned to have dinner at our favorite Mexican
restaurant, where we had our first date. But when we got there, the parking
lot was full, which did not bode well for finding a table, and we were
hungry. So we ended up having our Valentine’s dinner at Denny’s in Batavia.
But as we sat down, I realized I’d rather have dinner at Denny’s with him
than at the poshest restaurant in the world with anyone else!

That’s how God loves every one of us. God just wants to be with us, right
where we are, just the way we are right now. God meets us at our level, and
calls us ever higher. Know that you are utterly, utterly loveable, whether
there is a person in your life proving that to you right now, or not. May
the knowledge that you are God’s own beloved fill you up and give you

Blessings and love to all,

Next Saturday night, February 22, there will be a Pete Seeger Sing-a-Long
at St Joe’s at 7 pm. Come and honor the member of this friend of the
Catholic Worker by singing his songs! It should be lots of fun. Hope to see
you there.

Oscar Romero Church
An Inclusive Community of Liberation, Justice and Joy

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