Women Priests Make a Lenten Journey


This is Gaspare and Marcella with the other Good Shepherd Youth






Today we offer some special moments in the Lenten Journey of Pastors Judy Lee and Judy Beaumont, Roman Catholic women priests   and co-Pastors of The Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community. Many steps and much prayer make up our journeys of reflection, deepening commitment and renewal as we walk toward Easter with Jesus.

A journey of this Lenten season has been accompanying Gaspare who is 26 in his decision to have a life giving serious surgery. After much prayer and counseling he finally agreed to the operation. Bravely and in faith he was operated on the morning of March 25th,2014. We brought him to surgery at 5:30 AM and anointed him before his surgery at 7:30. He placed his trust in our loving God and entered surgery with confidence. The surgery was a success and laproscopic means were possible enhancing recovery time. By this evening he was resting nicely and in excellent early recovery. We prayed with him and his mother, Lili, sister Marcella and Charlotte Williams a dear family friend. The miracle was not only his acceptance of the surgery and its success, but his turn of heart to buy into life. We thank God for this young man and ask continued prayers for his recovery.

 This is Gaspare in his hospital room in recovery with Pastor Judy Lee  

Another of our Lenten Journeys is to continue serving a hot lunch to the hungry and to assist people in gaining access to affordable housing. Below are three women who volunteer with our ministry. Gini Beecroft, on the right, and her husband Paul supported our ministry over five years ago. When he went home to God almost three years ago Gini continued her generous giving of self to the Ministry serving and preparing food with members of her Breckinridge Community. She also had donations for Paul’s Memorial given , in part, to our ministry. Here Gini and her friend are resting with Kathy (middle) after serving our people a hot lunch. Kathy herself became homeless after a series of unfortunate life events out of her control and now with great gratitude and joy awaits her own affordable townhouse through Goodwill Industries Housing for the physically disabled.



Here is Kathy with Kris and Stacie who are also going to move into Goodwill Housing. We have just accompanied them to their housing interview and all were delighted to learn of their acceptance and seeing their new homes.  We are praying for a move-in date before Easter, but two are going into new housing and it may take a bit longer.





We have also been accompanying some of our Tuesday church members to apply for social security benefits. Tom is also celebrating his 62nd Birthday with us.      Robert and Eddie have Birthdays as well.











IMG_0199 IMG_0006


We also spent some quality time re-uniting with family and friends,



getting back to nature


and renewing our souls!


And yet, the journey continues and we are so thankful!

IMG_0055 IMG_0045 IMG_0051 IMG_0186 IMG_0185 IMG_0139 IMG_0141 IMG_0134



Blessings as we serve one another, refresh and renew,

Pastor JudyIMG_0131

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