Urge Pope Francis to Speak Out Against Uganda’s Anti-LGBT Bill!

This important message is from Newwaysministry.wordpress.com blog.

 Uganda’s Roman Catholic Bishops are promoting this  hate legislation.  They need to  hear from Pope Francis. 


Urge Pope Francis to Speak Out Against Uganda’s Anti-LGBT Bill!


Uganda’s Parliament has passed a bill which would criminalize homosexuality, including life imprisonment for those considered repeat offenders, and the president is considering whether to sign it.

As Catholics are the largest denomination in Uganda, making up over 40% of the population, it is imperative that Pope Francis speak out against this terrible human rights development. Uganda’s bishops have been ambivalent, which means Pope Francis’ strong moral leadership condemning this bill can greatly impact Uganda.

Your voice is needed in urging the pope to speak out in defense of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people’s human rights. Take action today by tweeting Pope Francis, sending him an email, or writing him a letter!

.@Pontifex Please condemn Uganda’s anti-gay bill as you defend human rights for all! #PopeSpeakOut .@Pontifex As a voice for the voiceless please publicly condemn anti-gay laws! #PopeSpeakOut .@Pontifex Please urge Nigeria to stop arresting gay and trans people! Please save our lives! #PopeSpeakOut
Tweet: .@Pontifex Being gay is not a crime! Please speak out against Uganda's anti-gay bill. #PopeSpeakOut Tweet: .@Pontifex Please condemn Uganda's anti-gay bill as you defend human rights for all! #PopeSpeakOut Tweet: .@Pontifex Be a voice for the voiceless & publicly condemn Uganda's anti-gay bill! #PopeSpeakOut

Email Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

In less than a year, you have done as St. Ignatius asked of us and “set the world on fire” by creating greater welcome for gay and lesbian people in the Catholic Church.

Unfortunately, not all have heeded your call to love each other regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, and several nations have passed laws which criminalize being gay. Currently, Uganda’s political leaders are considering such a law.

For the World Day of Peace, you wrote that fraternity can lead us to a more peaceful and just society when we recognize other human beings as our brothers and sisters under God. Help us to stop discrimination, hate, and violence against gay and lesbian people by condemning Uganda’s anti-gay bill and similar efforts in other nations.

Please defend the human rights of gay and lesbian people in Uganda and elsewhere, for their very lives may depend on our witness as Catholics to speak Christ’s love.

Click here
 to send this email to Pope Francis!


Write Pope Francis

His Holiness Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
Vatican City State, 00120

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