Rev. Chava’s Reflections on the Journey

Yes, dear Pastor Chava,

As we reflect on our journeys, God is there.  And we are glad to be part of your wider community. We thank you for this very beautiful reflection and pray with you for Santiago, and for your wonderful ministry with the migrants and with those in Nursing Homes. We are so glad that you answered the call.

Love and prayers,

Pastor Judy Lee

Here is Rev. Chava’s reflection that goes right to the heart of the matter:

Oscar Romero Inclusive Catholic Church
Bulletin for Sunday, May 4, 2014
Third Sunday of Easter

Dear friends,

Last Friday in the nursing home I went to visit a woman. In the course of
our conversation, she asked, “What was your preparation to do this?” So I
told her about my years in Divinity School, and the year I spent as a
Chaplain Resident at Strong Hospital.  We had a good talk and prayed

In the next room I visited another woman, and while talking she asked me,
“Why do you do this work? You could have been so many other things.” And

I told her about my sense of call, that feeling that there is work

one absolutely must do.

By the third time in about half an hour that I was asked about what set me
on the path to do the work I do, I realized I was getting a nudge from God.
Time to look at my story! The week of April 26 to May 2 holds several
anniversaries for me, including both my diaconal and priestly ordinations,
and the first time I celebrated Mass. It was time to take a good, prayerful
look at my journey.

This coming month holds a scary event, as Santiago will be going to court
for the third time at the end of May. As that date gets closer, I feel like
God is saying, “Remember! Remember how I’ve been with you all along.” And
as I look back, all I have is “thank you.” I remember how when I started
Divinity School, there were no women priests that I knew of. Yet I knew
that God was calling, and that the way would open up in time. And it did. I
remember the night that Border Patrol and police officers entered the
little house where Santiago was sleeping and took him away to detention
—- that very day, everyone else in our community had moved out. And how
when Santiago was in detention, I asked God to use it for good, to use this
awful time to bless him, and God did. God has been walking with us every
step of the way. Remember.

In the Gospel this weekend we see the Risen Jesus accompanying two
disciples on the road to Emmaus.They are upset about all that has
happened, and he tells them the story through the lens of scripture.
Suddenly instead of a scary, disturbing story, it’s a sacred story! And God
has been there, all along.
Remember your own story. God is there.

After Jesus breaks bread with the disciples and they realize who he is, he
disappears. And they get up and go back to Jerusalem to be with the
community. So when things are tough, there’s a road map for us: look for
God in our stories, and be with community. We need each other.

Come break bread with us at St Romero’s any Sunday at 11 am! We would love
to see you.

Love to all

Oscar Romero Church
An Inclusive Community of Liberation, Justice and Joy
Worshiping in the Catholic Tradition
Mass: Sundays, 11 am
St Joseph’s House of Hospitality, 402 South Ave, Rochester NY 14620



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