Celebrating the Women of The Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community


In May flowers begin to bloom everywhere and even in Florida the season is festive as welcomed rain begins to fall and gentle breezes blow.

It is a month of expectation and renewal and a time for celebrations of Mother’s Day and Graduations. This year we have had much

to celebrate at our Good Shepherd Church.



This is Donnie and Lauretta celebrating each other for Mother’s Day

The month of May has been packed with wonderful celebrations in our Good Shepherd Church.  We have had Mother’s Day,  Graduation Day and Birthday Celebrations.

And we also had Rose and her much loved dog reunited as Rose moved into our Hospitality room at Joshua House on May 2nd.


Rose and Shinji on Move-in Day

Mother’s Day was a very special event honoring all of the women in the church. Each woman was given a personalized gift and Pearl Cudjoe made a wonderful meal that Linda Maybin helped her to serve.




Pearl and Linda are serving Robert and Lili with Jakeriya in the background. 

The congregation also presented Pastor Judy Beaumont and I with gifts for Mother’s Day.


Pearl Cudjoe and Marcella and Jakeriya present a gift to the surprise of the Pastors

On May 6th members of the Board also met to plan summer activities and we celebrated Doreen Sookdeo’s Birthday as well


Hank Tessandori, Evelyn Efaw, Stella  Odie Ali and Doreen Sookdeo with Pastor Judy Beaumont

On Sunday May 18th we celebrated the Birthday of our church Grandma, Mrs. Jolinda Harmon who has brought her daughter Linda and fourteen of her Grandchildren to attend Good Shepherd over the past five years.


Mrs. Jolinda Harmon in yellow with her Grand daughter Natasha Terrell whose Graduation on 5/17 we also celebrated.

Grandsons Ty Powell in front and  Keion Lewis beats drum in rear.

Pastor Judy Lee Blessing Grandma Harmon


Natasha Terrell graduated from Cypress Lake High School on Saturday 5/17/14.  She made all A’s in her Senior year. She has been accepted to three Colleges and , so far. plans to attend the University of South Florida,St. Pete Campus to study Nursing. She hopes to become a neonatal Nurse.  She was given gifts and a special blessing then a hearty round of applause.


We are so proud of Natasha!

Here Grandma Harmon and Natasha share a cake.



And later Lili brought her dog Spike and her new bike to visit us. She was in an accident with a car.  She was not hurt but her other bike was beyond repair. She depends on her bike to get to work. She was distraught, but her son Gaspare, now completely recovered from his surgery, helped her to get a gently used bike. His recovery and his assistance made for a very happy Mother’s Day for her.She also had her rear basket filled with her Thrift Store Treasures,  videos for our Good Shepherd children.




We are so happy to celebrate all of our Good Shepherd women and their families and to see joy replace sadness and struggles

as we become Church together!  May is a wonderful month for celebration! Thanks be to God!

Rev. Dr. Judy Lee,Pastor

Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community








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  1. romancatholicwomenpriest says :

    Totally awesome poctures. Thank God Rose got her beautiful dog back. Love Dotty

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