IMG_0072Hugs are big in our Good Shepherd MinistryIMG_0083100_4173


 And, if a hug does not seem like what to do in a given circumstance, give a smile and a prayer. Most of all getup, get out, and be involved in the hurts around you. Find a place to serve, whether it is in street ministries or other ministries or just daily life, and do it. You do have something to give-it is your love.
Blessings on Rev. Deniray who is also another street preacher who feeds the homeless with the finest wheat..
Rev. Dr. Judy Lee,
Good Shepherd Community in Fort Myers, Florida

deni doulos

This has been a terrible few weeks for all of humanity. We have been struck with tragedies and cruelty and injustice. . . this has truly been the ‘dog days of summer’.

First, we heard of the suicide of Robin Williams, an icon to many of us. Some of you sitting here grew up with his humor and wit in such zany characters as Mork from Ork, making us all laugh at the impossibility of a creator from outer space. Some of us remember his role as the professor who encouraged his students to go outside the box and become authentic people. And for us Episcopalians, we remember (and wear on tee-shirts) the top ten reasons to be Episcopalian.

What you probably don’t know that is for every movie, program or event he participated in, he required that the sponsoring agency hire a certain number of homeless people as part…

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