Giving Thanks-November Highlights at Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

We have had some very happy events in our community that we would like to share with you so you can join us in thanksgiving.

First we would like to share that one of our young adult men celebrated the year since his baptism with an affirmation of baptismal vows before the whole congregation. He was baptized in the hospital a year ago as his life was truly touch and go. He was able to participate in his baptism in the hospital and was surrounded by his family but it remained hazy in his memory. In what is nothing short of a miracle he slowly regained his memory and his health over the year, So he wanted to make his baptismal vows in a more complete way when he was fully aware and before the congregation. On Sunday 11/23 this event of thanksgiving and affirmation took place. It was an affirmation of his life as well as his baptismal vows.He took the name John for his baptismal name. He began by saying.” Today I want to affirm my Baptism. I promise to love Jesus and to want to follow Jesus the Christ.”

John gathers with his parents and GodparentsIMG_0028  IMG_0044He receives the white stole of Baptism and the Light of Christ

IMG_0043 IMG_0059 John celebrates with his Grandmother and family members afterward. The joy experienced by all present was palpable.Below are his sisters and cousin. And his brother and his little niece.IMG_0063.


We also had two Birthdays to celebrate: Keeron, 17, and Keeondra, 14. I can barely reach Keeron’s head for a blessing. IMG_0052


And here are our triplets who celebrated their sixth birthday the week before! And below is one of our Moms, Awsha, with her beautiful baby girl.


We are so thankful for this new life in our church.  Love and blessings to all as we now enter Advent and await the coming of the Christ-child once again and appreciate all the faces of Christ in our midst.

Love and blessings, Pastor Judy Lee, RCWP


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