Rvda. Marina Teresa, Roman Catholic Woman Priest Celebrates Christmas Mass in Colombia

10863492_10152704418313393_107903165_n Rvda.  Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia,RCWP of Cali,Colombia celebrated a Christmas house Mass with members of her community. This woman of deep faith, courage and passion for justice, especially for the Afro-Colombiano Community, celebrates with holy passion for the Eucharist, Christ present with us and for the people of God. Many attended and also enjoyed the fellowship afterward. She is making a major difference in the lives of so many, especially the women,youth, and children of the community.

Here are some fotos of the joyful celebration:

10818698_10152704410933393_746191443_n (1)



Que Dios te Bendigas, Rvda. Marina Teresa! Vale,vale!

May God continue to bless and protect Rvda. Marina Teresa and her community.

Love and blessings, amor y bendiciones,

Rvda. Judy Lee, RCWP

Fort Myers, Florida

One response to “Rvda. Marina Teresa, Roman Catholic Woman Priest Celebrates Christmas Mass in Colombia”

  1. Andrea Johnson says :

    What a joy to see these photos and to share in the hope this celebration of Christmas liturgy brings to the community Marina Teresa serves!

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