Good Shepherd Celebrates The Wise Seekers/”Three Kings” Day

IMG_0018 IMG_0022

On Sunday January 4th, 2015, our Good shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community celebrated the Feast of Epiphany when the light of a bright star revealed the baby Christ-child to the seekers from other lands symbolizing that God’s reign is for ALL people and nations.   Also known and celebrated in many cultures as “Three Kings Day” the giving of gifts to the Christ-Child symbolizing, royalty (gold) priesthood, healing and divinity (Frankincense and Myrrh) is another occasion for giving our gifts to the Christ-Child and to one another. Above our wise seekers bring gifts. To the side two of our girls, Joelle and Aleigha give the gift of dancing.

IMG_0001 - CopyHere Pastor Judy Beaumont prepares the children for a procession of gifts. And, some of our members look on as the procession begins.







Here, our Juniors teacher and Youth Leader, Efe Jane and Pearl Cudjoe spend some time with Joelle.

IMG_0025IMG_0023    We are so blessed with joy and long to share our gifts with Jesus as Christmas now draws to a close. We move on with our discipleship into the new year.




And on Tuesday January 6th, usually the date for Epiphany, we celebrate and exchange gifts with members of our Tuesday Ministry where we are one with the homeless and formerly homeless.

We are one in Christ !IMG_0026 IMG_0027








It is such a joy to come together for worship and sharing.  Ellen McNally of Call to Action and the Country Creek Community brought a wonderful salads and dessert to supplement our Pizza Party and also gave a card and gift to each one present.

Our Good Shepherd Community wishes you a


Love and prayers, Pastors Judy Lee and Judy Beaumont and all the

good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community


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