Retired Call To Action Chapter Developer Bob Heineman Visits the Women Priests and the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

On Sunday February 1,2015 the newly retired national Chapter Developer of CTA (Call To Action, the Catholic progressive group seeking renewal and reform in the Roman Catholic Church) visited us at the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community in Fort Myers, Florida. We were honored to have this courageous pioneer of justice in the church and in the world with us. He attended Mass and participated in our “word upon the word” discussion after the Homily. He said how happy he was to be with this inclusive community that included the poor and often outcast. He brought a word of blessing and encouragement to the people. Afterward he joined us in the Sunday meal and mingled with the people in the fellowship time.


This is Bob (in purple shirt) with Hank Tessandori our ‘deacon’ and, also a Call To Action member, and  Good Shepherd members Ann Palmer, Harry Gary, Donnie Wright and little  Kiya and Riya Battles and the co-pastors Judy Beaumont and Judy Lee.  

Some of our other members who enjoyed meeting Bob, Mrs. Jolinda Harmon and Mrs. Linda Maybin and families with Aleigha Longstreth. .


We were also happy to celebrate Rashawn Tobias’ 22nd birthday this Sunday-

IMG_0005IMG_0006 I have known Rashawn since he was a small sixth grader-look at him now!It is a special joy to have him with us for his Birthday.

Our local CTA Chapter (Southwest Florida Chapter) President is Ellen Mc Nally who, with her husband Jack cooks for, organizes cooks for and comes to serve with our Tuesday Ministry. faithfully.

IMG_0006This is Jack and Ellen with one of our church leaders Nate Chester and Pastor Judy Beaumont. As he likes to share, Nathaniel was once homeless and very alone, now he is housed, reconciled with family, and on Sunday he is a beautiful Lector, Minister of Music and assistant to our elders. He is so happy to have a church family and to reach out and help others. Yesterday (Tues 2/3) Jack was with us once again after recovering from hip replacement surgery. Everyone gave him hugs and applause.

The Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community is thankful to CTA, to Ellen and Jack and Hank and to Bob Heineman for their service,courage, and support. Thanks be to God!


Rev. Dr. Judy Lee, RCWP, co-Pastor The Good Shepherd Community

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