Seasonal Visitors And RC Woman Priest Judith MCKloskey Visits The Good Shepherd Community

On Sunday 3/2/2015 we had the pleasure of a visit from Rev. Judith McKloskey, RCWP from St. Paul, Minnesota. Rev. Judith has visited our Good Shepherd Community for several years during the month of March and the congregation was delighted to welcome her back. Her gentle presence and wonderful reading and singing voice combine with her natural warmth to engage our members.  As these photos show, she was warmly received.

This is Rev. Judith with co-pastor Judy Beaumont and two members of our leadership team: Hank Tessandori and Harry Lee Gary. IMG_0036IMG_0034

In the first picture above  our seasonal members from Minnesota, Kathy Overby and Kathy Lauwagie greet Rev. Judith. “The Kathys” as we call them are also a real blessing to us helping us in our Tuesday Ministry as well as serving the meal on Sundays.  Rev. Judith talks with some of the women in our congregation,Ann Palmer and Jolinda Harmon and a visitor from Ohio.   IMG_0040 IMG_0044

We also celebrated the 13th birthday of our twins, Jakeriya and Jakein Maybin. IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0042Kathy Lauwagie helps to serve our Sunday meal. Below are Chris Miller and her Mother from Ohio.  Chris has been serving with us seasonally since 2007.  We are truly blessed to have our seasonal members with us. Thanks be to God! IMG_0046

Here our Junior class makes cards for two of our sick Roman Catholic women priests priests-Rev. Gloria Carpeneto of Maryland and  and Rev. Adele Jones of Texas. It is wonderful to be in contact with women priests throughout the world!


love and blessings,Rev. Judy Lee,RCWP

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