Woman RC Priest Martha Sherman Responds in Counterpoint

Here is an article from the Chicago Sun-Tiimes with accurate history-herstory and the testimony of a woman Roman Catholic Priest.


Counterpoint: Church fails to fully include women

Posted: 05/01/2015, 04:27pm |
In 2005 in Lyon, France, in a ceremony that made news internationally, Genevieve Beney was ordained a priest, though Catholic Church leaders said she automatically would be prohibited from receiving the Church’s sacraments.

The Roman Catholic Church, a mammoth institution plodding through history, changes slowly. Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich and others may move towards fuller inclusion of women, but until they extend all seven sacraments to women, the Roman Catholic Church will not reach wholeness.

Until the Church accepts women as truly equal, the fullness of God’s creation will not be.


Modern scholars have unearthed evidence that the Roman Catholic Church ordained women to be deacons, priests and even bishops in its history.  The Vatican commissioned a study of scripture to uncover impediments to the ordination of women.  The scripture scholars found none.  The Catholic Church praises the many gifts of women, yet claims the ordination of women is impossible, they claim they simply cannot do it.

I am a child of the Second Vatican Council.  I spent 16 years in Catholic Schools and then taught in them for another eight.  By the time I was in second grade I had memorized the Eucharistic Prayers at Mass. When the priest would invite us to encircle the altar during the liturgy of the Eucharist I felt like I was concelebrating with the priest, even though I was still in elementary school.  When I was entering the convent in the 1980s, my then 70-year-old aunt suggested that I was better suited for the priesthood. I laughed and then tried to be a good sister. But avoiding God’s call is not an option for me and hundreds of other women.

The truth is that women can be ordained and for the past eleven years women have been validly ordained, by bishops in apostolic succession and good standing through the Roman Catholic Womenpriest movement.  The response of the US Bishops has been the excommunication of those women who “attempt” ordination. I urge my brother priests and the Catholics in the pews to demand justice through the inclusion of women priests.

Parishes close or consolidate while women priests gather with Catholics in homes and Protestant churches across the globe to celebrate the Eucharist.  Some people say that I, a Roman Catholic woman priest, should just join the Episcopal Church to be a priest. My response is, “I am Catholic, the Church is the people of God, it is my church.  God called and I answered with my whole being.”  Who are we to say no when God calls?

Martha Sherman, who lives in Salem, SD, was ordained a priest by the Roman Catholic Womenpriests of the Midwest Region in 2013 in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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