Celebrating Our Body of Christ-Especially our Graduates at the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

At the end of our celebration on this feast day of the Body of Christ we celebrated some of our own members achievements.

Most notably our Efe E. Jane  Cudjoe was graduated from Brown University with Honors. She is pursuing a Research Fellowship and will then go on to Medical School. Rather than focus on herself today she jumped right in and taught our Junior and Middle School class and chaperoned three of our children as well.  She is a light set upon a hill and her light shines on all of our young people saying “Keep going-come on up here”.



And, our Natasha Terrell completed her Freshman year at FGCU and is now a sophomore. She continues to be our Lector and also to help with the little children. She has a part time job. She is deciding on a Major and thinks she wants to be a social worker!!! Way to GO, Natasha!


Keeron Jones is now a High School Senior. Today he said that he was thankful for his gifts of intellect and athletic abilities and prayed to use his gifts well. He would like to teach sports to younger children. We are proud of him. There are so many negative roads to take but his feet are planted on the narrow road.


Keeondra Terrell was graduated from the eighth grade and plans to attend Dunbar or Lehigh High School. Her spirit is one of love and kindness and she works hard on all she does. When I ask for a volunteer she is always there. Way to Go Keeondra!

IMG_0137photo 1

All of our Middle Schoolers were promoted. Now Jakeriya and Jakein Maybin are entering the 7th Grade and Marcella Randazzo and Aleigha Longstreth are entering the Eighth Grade.

IMG_0017IMG_0048100_3957WAY to GO!

Our Little ones were promoted to the First Grade> IMG_0115

And all of our Grade Schoolers were promoted! IMG_0261IMG_0061ANDIMG_0054,

Jon’Est Smith had his sixth Birthday!


IMG_0049Love and blessings, Pastor Judy Lee and Pastor Judy Beaumont and All of the Good shepherd Family on this wonderful and holy Feast of the Body of Christ

One response to “Celebrating Our Body of Christ-Especially our Graduates at the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community”

  1. Bachué says :

    Excelente muestra de Pastoral humana, en El Buen Pastor. Mis felicitaciones y bendiciones para toda la Comunidad. El Corpus Christi estan en el vecino! y es verdad! Bendita sea la Divinidad.

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