Christmas Joy at Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

As Christmas draws near we at Good Shepherd worship with great joy . DSCF1227

And we rehearse our songs and our parts in the Pageant. Our children learn about Christmas best by playing out the story. DSCF1245Mary is Elizabeth Hasan, 13 and Joseph is Keion Lewis also 13. Arnya and Arliyah Jackson and Kiya Battles are shepherds and Niya Battles and Gina Landini are angels. Jon’Est Smith,Jirliyah Jones and RiyaBattles are the Wise Persons. Their teacher Pearl Cudjoe and Cyrillia Rismay are teaching them the song “Oh what a pretty little baby, and Jesus is his name. ”

DSCF1250Keion and Elisabeth, Mary and Joseph with Riya Battles one of the Wise Persons.

This year The Orioles Lodge with Judy Lalande, her husband Hank and the owner Ernie helped us with presents for the children, while Gini Beecroft and her friends at the Breckinridge Community helped with gifts for the teens and families.

The Orioles have generously gifted our little children for several years and we are very grateful to them. This year they donated four bikes as well. Gini Beecroft, left below, also mobilizes her Breckinridge Community each year to assist us with gifts and Lisa Munklewitz, right below, and her husband Walter cooked an amazing Christmas dinner for us.  IMG_0066


Pastor Judy Lee says “All are welcome”!

Pastor Judy Beaumont reads the Gospel .


We worship and we share the Christmas story and the homily .  The paintings above Hank Tessandori’s head were  painted by him and presented to the church last Christmas.  This Christmas he gave paintings to several of our people as very special gifts. ( Keion was delighted with his painting of LeBrun James!). Our theme today was God’s amazing love, and as one man said, God’s patience with us as we become brighter lights for the world with Jesus. 



Before our Pageant begins we recognize our church and ministry leadership. Here we bless Mr. Harry Gary our worship leader who also has a birthday.  DSCF1377

We thank Lili Randazzo for keeping the church clean and beautiful,and Robert Swanson for caretaking.DSCF1381

We also thank Pearl Cudjoe and Brenda Cummings, our Sunday School teachers and Pat Byrne our Minister to the sick. Pearl also visits the sick.  And we thank Judy Alves for mentoring and Rogers Richardson and Linda Maybin for their transportation ministry.

IMG_0180xms15 IMG_3500xms15


Then Jakein Maybin, 13 plays the trombone as everyone sings Christmas carols.


The Pageant Begins:

DSCF1417 FullSizeRender 

The angel speaks to Mary: Do not be afraid….




The angel speaks to Joseph too, and he takes Mary for his wife. They make a big trip to Bethlehem and have to sleep in a stable where Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus. Several in the audience also had animal parts.


DSCF1421DSCF1347DSCF1427DSCF1415The Shepherds see a great light and visit and later on the wise persons also see a star and come to see the baby King Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DSCF1428

Our Junior and and Lambs class with the help of Keeondra Terrell of our Senior Class did a wonderful job and had a lot of fun re-creating the Christmas story. After arousing applause the scene faded out to the tune of the First Noel sung by the congregation.

Photos are by Natasha Terrell, Lili Randazzo and Pat Byrne.

The final event was Santa who gave gifts to everyone present. (Santa was excellently enacted by Hank Tessandori).

DSCF1492 DSCF1469 DSCF1475 DSCF1478 DSCF1484 DSCF1490 DSCF1499Even the Pastors got a present from Santa!

And the whole church gathered for a Christmas picture.

We wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy and God-filled New Year!

Rev. Dr. Judy Lee, RCWP

Rev. Judy Beaumont, RCWP

Co-Pastors  Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

and Good Shepherd Ministries of SWFl,Inc.

Fort Myers, Florida


DSCF1437 DSCF1432

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