More of Christmas at Good Shepherd

We celebrate Christmas over many days at Good Shepherd and in many ways.  It ends for us next Sunday at Epiphany when some of our people celebrate with gifts for the giving of the Wise Persons also known as The Three Kings, (El Dia de los Tres Reyes) to the baby Jesus.

This is our visit to a Central American family that that we have known for many years.


We are happy to continue to wish them Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo, and to serve this family, a family whose grandparents and parents started as migrant workers  that now has two girls in College. Carmen, with Pastor Judy B., is in her Junior year.

Christmas week , as a gift and enrichment for the people we serve, we took twenty-four children and adults to see a Christmas production of the Velveteen Rabbit at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater. While some have been to a show and dinner before, for others it was a first time. Although it was technically Children’s Theater everyone present enjoyed it. Our Grandma, three older ladies, our teens and our young children all enjoyed this creative effort. “When you are loved you are real” was the message they thought about and wondered about afterward. DSCF1513



What a wonderful time together!  Thanks to all our donors who make trips like this possible. A blessed New Year to all!

Love and blessings,

Rev. Dr. Judy Lee, RCWP, and Rev. Judy Beaumont, RCWP

Co-Pastors Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community in Fort Myers


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