Easter Blessings from the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

Photo by Donna Cullen, Copyrighted. We are thankful to Donna Cullen for this beautiful photo of our community. Although some were not able to stay for the picture and some were not able to be there, all of us wish you a blessed Easter Octave. As our church proceeds with the rest of the RC Church through the eight weeks of Easter when we remember Christ’s substantial appearances to the faithful after rising from the dead and savor the teachings that he will leave with us-mainly that we love and serve one another and spread the Good News of God’s love with the blessed help of the Holy Spirit, we pray for a world and a church at peace and justice and equality for all, no matter what.

Love and blessings, Rev. Dr. Judy Lee, RCWP and Rev. Judith Beaumont, RCWP and the w8x10wwritingD74A2498 (2)

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