Female Priest attacked with acid to cover up non-profit scam: DA

Here is a 4/5/16 NY Post update on the story of RCWP Alexandra Dyer, a victim of a vicious attack  on August 19,2015 altering her life of service and love in so many ways. Our hearts remain with Rev. Dyer who is still recovering from this attack. In the picture below taken in August 2015 Rev. Alexandra Dyer,RCWP, in the middle, is with Rev. Eda Lorello,RCWP and Rev. Judy Beaumont, RCWP in Queens, New York. 

A man who burned a ​female Q​ueens priest by throwing an acid-like liquid in her facecommitted the gruesome crime as part of a cover-up ​of an embezzlement scheme at a non-profit,​the Queens district attorney said Tuesday.

Jerry Mohammed, 32 — who is accused of attacking ordained priest Alexandra Dyer​ — a member of the sect Roman Catholic Womenpriests ​and​ executive director of the Healing Arts Initiative ​– in August. He allegedly schemed with a former employee of the non-profit who fleeced $750,000 from the group, law enforcement sources said.

Mohammed and Kim Williams, 47 — a former accountant for the group — plotted the attack on Dyer to ​distract from the theft and apparently make it look as if a hardened thug had stolen the money instead of her, according to law enforcement sources.

Pia Louallen, 41, a close friend of the allegedly twisted numbers cruncher, worked with Williams and pocketed $150,000 between 2013 and 2015, law enforcement sources said.

All three were indicted for the scheme Tuesday, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

“This case is troubling on so many different levels. In an atmosphere of such giving, it is disheartening to see an individual alleged​​ly use her position of fiduciary trust to siphon off tens of thousands of dollars in funds for the personal use of herself and another,” Brown said.

On Aug. 19, Mohammed allegedly waited for Dyer to leave work then threw the acid-like liquid at her as she sat in her car — burning her face and other parts of her body.
Dyer was hospitalized and underwent surgeries as a result of the attack.

Mohammed was charged with assault, conspiracy and criminal possession of a weapon. Williams was charged with assault, grand larceny, falsifying business records and other charges.

Louallen was charged with grand larceny and conspiracy.


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