New Woman Deacon Ordained in the Roman Catholic Church

On Sunday October 16,2016 at The Retreat Center in Stony Point, New York,  Marilyn Rondeau was Ordained a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church by Bishop Andrea Johnson of Roman Catholic WomenPriests, Eastern Region. Below is a picture of Marilyn with some of the Priests of the Eastern Region. We offer our blessings, prayers and Congratulations to Marilyn and RCWP, an international Movement that ordains prepared women to the temporary Diaconate and Priesthood.

The readings of the day were  so appropriate to the occasion: Exodus 17: 8-13 shows that Moses was able to provide leadership in battle only with the support of Aaron and Hur. Without support all long and tiring battles would be lost. Women and men supporting women in the priesthood would tire without the strong support of the many men and women in our communities that hold up our arms as we respond to God’s call in the context of rejection due to the man-made rules of the church limiting the services women can perform(Canon Law 1028). Our Psalm 121 reminds us that God has our backs. Our loving God will guard us from all evil, will guard our very lives, now and forever. 2 Timothy 3: 14-4:2 tells us to be faithful to what we have learned and believed and known from the Sacred Scriptures. The Deacon’s charge is to proclaim these Scriptures and live the service that they ask of us. And regarding the status of women before our God we recall now Galatians 3:28 “there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male or female, for you are one in Christ Jesus”.   The Gospel of the day, -Luke 18:1-8 shows the response of the unfair judge to the persistent woman. She finally got her justice. And we are assured that God will “secure the rights of God’s chosen ones who call out to God night and day”. One day even within the Roman Catholic Church our persistence will pay off, but thanks be to God, it has already paid off and we are already here. There are over 230 ordained women in the Roman Catholic Church and this number grows every moment as women respond to God’s call and step out on faith, with courage and love. Blessings on you dear Marilyn and on all who persist with courage.

Rev. Dr. Judy Lee,  RCWP-Eastern Region     image1-2

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