Welcome, Bienvenidos, To our New Colombian Woman Priests: Dear Pope Francis and Church, We Are Already Here and Serving

Despite the Church’s denial of our very valid existence we, Roman Catholic Women Priests, are already here. We have been ordained after preparation by a bishop in the line of apostolic succession flowing initially from a male bishop who remains in good standing with the church and whose identity will be publicly revealed upon his death. This initial ordination was not done for the sake of women or even for justice within the church but for the very life of the church. The reader may be interested in the book Women Find A Way, edited by Elsie Hainz McGrath,Bridget Mary Meehan,and Ida Raming, VBW Publishing, 2008, paying particular attention for the earliest history/herstory to the writings of our European Bishops and Priests, Gisela Forster, Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger,Iris Muller,Ida Raming and Patricia Fresen. Other early priests including myself also have chapters in that book.

For those who seek the church’s blessings on the ordination of women and making us legal as well as valid, the church is inching forward in its acceptance of women in “high places”. Of course according to Jesus those who serve most should be last and take the lowest seat in the house. So it is not high places that women who are called as priests want, but simply to serve God’s holy people. Well over two hundred world-wide Members of Roman Catholic Women Priests and the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests have accepted God’s call and ordination without the church’s full blessing, but with the blessing of the people of God. Here are three links showing the June 8th, 2018 ordination of two Roman Catholic women as Priests in South America; the need for priests in the Amazon and the church and considering using women in meeting that need (but not as priests) and married priests; and Pope Francis appointing three women theologians to important roles in the church. Yet, he remains adamant that the church “can not” ordain women priests. Yet it is clear-it already has, both in early church history, in modern history ( eg. Ludmila Pavarova) and with the Movement of the Spirit called Roman Catholic Women Priests.
Here is Maria Elena Sierra Sanchez of Cali, Colombia who was ordained a Roman Catholic Woman Priest in February of 2016. Then we present the recently ordained in Colombia.
In the second picture Rvda. Maria Elena is serving with brother priests at a Holy Week Mass in Cali,Colombia.


maria elena holy week

Here are some of our newest South American Priests-Welcome, bienvenidos to Blanca Azucena and Maria Teresa Martinez Maldonado:

And here are two articles taking the temperature about women and ordination. It represents some progress and “warming up”-but to what given that we are already here?!



In thanksgiving for those women who hear the call to the priesthood within the Roman Catholic Church and are courageous enough to answer and for the Roman Catholic Women Priests world wide Movement making it possible to serve as worker priests in our communities.

Blessings, Pastor Judy Lee, RCWP
Rev. Dr. Judith Lee
Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community of Fort Myers, Florida

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