Jesus Is Near: An Inspiring Visit To A Church Served By Roman Catholic Woman Priests in Thurmont, Maryland

On Sunday November 14, 2021 I was privileged to visit and provide the homily at a church served by Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rondeau, RCWP and other woman priests of the Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community in Thurmont, Maryland. This is one of the satellite churches of the Living Water Community in Baltimore, Maryland. It was formed with the catalyst of a faithful and amazing LIving Water member, Mary Hollomon who continues to support and sustain the Thurmont worship community with her selfless service. This satellite church and its core worship group meets in person while the larger “main church group” of Living Water served by several RCWP woman priests meets on Zoom during this Covid Pandemic. While not all Roman Catholic Women Priests have developed worship communities, The Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community stands out in developing and planting enlivened churches.

I was moved by the zeal and Christ-filled love of the Thurmont Living Water congregation that meets in Harriet Chapel, a beautiful historic Anglican Church set in the foothills of the Catoctin Mountains resplendent with Autumn’s gold, rust and red colors. The Chapel was built in 1828 and three Presidents of the United States also worshipped there: Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Lyndon B. Johnson. As the gifted Music Minister, Teresa Ichniowski, led us in the processional hymn All Are Welcome, the communal energy of this diverse group of members was palpable. It was matched only by the uplifting spiritual energy of Rev. Marilyn whose love for the people gathered was expressed in her voice and welcoming comments.

In the picture above Rev. Marilyn Rondeau gathers with core members after church. Rev. Jackie Clarys, RCWP and I are in the back row and Lay Leader and Eucharistic Minister Mary Holloman is on the left rear.

The readings for the day were what have been called end times or apocalyptic readings essentially saying: God is in charge and all shall be well. Daniel 12:1-3;Psalm 16:5,8-11; Hebrews 10:11-14,18; and the Gospel-Mark 13:24-32. The Gospel assures us that when we face times that are devastating, and feel like the end, Jesus is near, at the door. The theme for the day therefore was in times of trouble, on any scale, local or global, from personal to catastrophic “Jesus is Near” and to claim the fullness of life in such times, open the door and welcome, flee into the arms of, the presence of our loving God. It changes everything.

Interestingly, this Sunday, November 21, 2021 is the day of Christ the King of the Universe/Cosmos, when we celebrate the reign of Christ in this world. The apocalyptic readings are again in Daniel (7:13-14), and in Revelation(1:5-8) where we now see that at the last, bottom line, Christ reigns. In the Gospel (John 18:33b-37) Jesus clarifies that his kingdom/kindom is not of this world and that he came to testify to God’s truth. Indeed, in all he said and did he showed us God’s truth is LOVE. In the TV Mass of the Diocese of Venice, Florida today on EWTN, a young Priest from St. Agnes Parish in Naples ,Rev. Krystof Piotrowski, urged us to dream of the world where Christ would lead. He acknowledged that it is sometimes difficult to see that Christ is in charge when there are so many atrocities of injustice and violence, especially toward the poor, minorities of color and marginalized. Ultimately it is up to us who are the hands and feet of Christ now, the Church, the Body of Christ to work hard on establishing this world of love and justice. Pope Francis describes this world of love and justice and our jobs so well in Fratelli Tutti , his 2020 encyclical describing social friendship and how we are all brothers and sisters in Christ no matter religion, color, income, culture, caste, gender, sexual orientation or any other area of difference. I urge you to read this deep and marvelous statement of gospel truth.

I will now include my homily: Jesus is Near. Just click on the link.

In the group picture of the Thurman Community above my beloved cousin Jackie Weinmann Marion is in front of me. She is also a member of The Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community and they sang a rousing Happy Birthday to her. Below are Jackie and I are celebrating her Birthday together.

A Blessed Birthday Cousin Jackie, and many many more!.

And once again I thank the wonderful church at Thurmont for inviting me to worship with them. In the picture below Rev. Marilyn and I stand at the altar after the Mass.

Bless each one of you this Sunday when Christs reigns throughout the Universe,

Let us do the work to make this happen,

Love and blessings,

Pastor Judy Lee, RCWP

Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic COmmunity of Fort Myers, Florida


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