Pastors Judy L and Judy B and Good Shepherd Wish You a Blessed Christmas

In the past few days we have continued our preparation for Christmas. We wrapped endless presents for our children and adults. We have been catching up with friends and loved ones. On Tuesday we had twenty-one adults and children for Tuesday Church, meal and fellowship and each one received a personal Christmas gift as well as a bag of toiletries. What a joyful time it was! On Sunday we will have many more kids who await Christmas with great anticipation and understanding.


On Thursday we traveled  to Tampa to visit with Miriam and her sister Gloria who is in a Nursing home. Later Shayra, Miriam’s granddaughter joined us and we celebrated Christmas a little early but with much joy. This joy is so important as this is a family still in mourning for the loss of Miriam’s daughter and my friend and former MSW student and Pastor Nancy Echevarria who died in April of 2012 of complications of diabetes. Miriam had a good cry with us and we noted that she had no Christmas decorations up. Still she enjoyed our visit and the visit with her sister very much.

This time Gloria was dressed and enjoying a visit from friends and neighbors. She was so happy to see us and her friends and let everyone know that now her family was surrounding her. It was wonderful to see her progress. She also loved her Kentucky Fried chicken!



After visiting her we met up with Brenda Cummings and her friends. Brenda was one of the homeless women we first met in Lion’s Park in our outdoor feeding ministry in 2007-2009. She is living near Tampa now but hopes to return to the Fort Myers area as she remains connected to our Good Shepherd church.


On the way back we visited with our Bishop, Bridget Mary Meehan and also enjoyed an early Christmas celebration. Then we put our heads together about the ordination of four women in St. Andrew UCC church on January 18th,2014. One to be ordained priest is from Colombia South America, Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia. Maureen McGill of Florida will also be ordained a priest then and two will be ordained Deacons as well, More details later.Do save that date if you can come and remember us all in prayer.


A great joy this week was placing Tuxedo in a new home. This is a kitty who has been visiting me for a few months. He was terrified of human contact and would literally run so fast that he would disappear when we first met. In the past few weeks he became very friendly and did all he could to beg his way inside. I was so blessed to have a neighbor, Sherry Hornbrook who was willing to adopt him. He went to the Vet on Monday and was neutered and got all of his shots. He had to stay a little longer as there was a complication with his neutering and he had a pre cancerous condition that was so much better removed! He did very well with all of this and charmed everyone at Dr. Terry Sutton’s Three Oaks Animal Hospital.  He was so ready for a home. On Friday Sherry picked him up and it was mutual love right away. He is adjusting to two older dogs who are very patient with him as they had a cat sibling before. What a lucky kitty to have such a loving family now. We are very thankful.



It is not easy to find homes for throw away kitties and thousands are killed each year here despite the efforts of caring people and rescuers. Yet, it is even harder to find homes for people who have been thrown away or just plain given up on. Everyone deserves a home. Our prayer is for homes and shelter for all this season of love, justice and peace.

Here is a slide show of our Christmas journeys and our wishes for you. CLICK ON FIRST LINK.

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We wish you love and peace as we celebrate the last Sunday in Advent and Christmas-when God became one of us though always MORE beyond our understanding, and love was born again on earth.

Pastor Judy Lee,ARCWP

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  1. romancatholicwomenpriest says :

    You look so fantastic!!!! Just beautiful…beautiful inside and our. Much love, Dotty

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