RCWP Women Priests Make the Cause Known at Religious Ed Conference in LA

Here is an example of the courage and perseverance of our Roman Catholic Women Priests. “Blessed are you when people insult you, and persecute you….because of me….Rejoice and be glad …for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matthew 5: 11,12) Jesus

Blessed are you, Suz, Martha, Juanita, Jennifer, Donna, Kay, Anna, Vicki and all who stood for justice and the sharing of information about women in the priesthood at this important conference on religious education.

RCWP woman priest Suz Thiel Reports this morning (2/18/17) on activity during the LA Religious Ed Conference: 

“Our days at the LA Religious Ed Congress completed and a beautiful visit with Regina and Charlie Nicolosi concluded, we would like to share some of the highlights of our experience at the Congress.
Thursday is youth day: Suz (Thiel), Martha(Sherman) and Juanita Cordero handed out over 400 RCWP bracelets to young men and women while maintaining control of the banner in windy conditions. Having exhausted our supply of bracelets we passed out about 250-300 cards with photos and our mission and ministries.
Friday more cards given out with banners blowing once again windy conditions. Hydration is really important when you are engaging with people,both informing and defending our movement. Suz and Juanita both felt the crowds were a bit smaller, but when you are at an event that typically draws 35,000-40,000, you rub elbows with all sorts.
We had “toilet paper” man. He stood beside us, calling us Protestant filth and offering squares of tp to those accepting our literature. He devolved into Protestant shit and announcing Jesus as a misogynist. Protestants in the crowd took offense. The man would not engage in dialogue. He moved with us as we tried to avoid him. Some in the crowd tried to detach him from us. We were joined by Jen O’Malley and Donna Shaw.
Some of us attended conferences; Ron Rolheiser, Jim Wallis, Thomas Groome, Michael Fish and others. Did you know that Ann, of Cards by Ann, has a science background? Great workshop on creativity and neuroscience!
Saturday is the biggest attendance day. CTA southern CALIFORNIA, Nori(ARCWP), Anna Totta(BDC) with her wife Vicki and Kay Akers joined us with more banners and handouts. “TP man” arrived with a new plan to discredit us. He printed “ABOMINATION” with an arrow right. On the reverse he had “FILTH” with an arrow left. Attendees, even some who were not necessarily supporters , attempted to engage and remove him. I must say security really had our backs during the entire conference.
The consensus seemed to be that we received more open affirmation from clergy than ever. Most of our conversations were sincere and inquisitive. Certainly we experienced some “never” and “heretics”. It was a blessing to see them read our banners and watch the wheels turn as they wrapped their minds around the idea of women priests.”

And from the blog of Bridget Mary:

Roman Catholic Women Priests Draw Support in Exhibit Hall at Los Angeles Religious Education Conference

Women Priests Draw Support at Exhibit Hall of Los Angeles Religious Education Convocation
Congratulations to Jen O’ Malley RCWP and Suzanne Thiel RCWP for drawing support for women priests at Los Angeles Religious Education Congress,
thelargest gathering of Catholic Educators in the United States!

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