Highlights of Rev. Maria Elena’s USA Visit

We were truly blessed to have our new RCWP Priest, Rvda Maria Elena Sierra Sanchez with us in Southwest Florida from 2/22-2/27/17. Hers is a presence of compassion, humility and devotion to the poor and outcast in the midst of violence. Peace,laughter and joy are also her gifts to us.

First we worship together at the home of SW FLorida Call to Action ( CTA) President, Ellen and Jack Mc Nally in Estero and afterward we break bread together as then Deacon Maria Elena is asked to share her experiences with peacemaking and violence, especially with children and youth in Cali where she is an Elementary School Principal.  We hear of children under the age of seven who are violently killed and accompany Maria Elena as she ministers to a dying young adult, shot in the street. A connection is made to the gang violence in Fort Myers where similar tragic events take place. Yet in Maria Elena’s school there is a peaceful atmosphere and ways of peace are taught and experienced with love.



CTA Members Learn about peacemaking from Rvda. Maria -Jack and Ellen Mc Nally host the event with Joe and Pat Beausoleil and Hank and Claire Tessandori and our Bishop Andrea Johnson and Priests, Judy Beaumont, Caryl Johnson and Maryrose Petrizzi and Felice Lunaimg_0484

Blessed Are The Peacemakers                                                                                                                                     img_0483Then our group of Priests gather for a rare time together-Eastern Region RCWP and International Program Leader Caryl Johnson-From Left to right Maryrose Petrizzi, Caryl Conroy Johnson, Marina Teresa Sanchez Mejia, Maria Elena Sierra Sanchez, Bishop Andrea Johnson, Judith McKloskey of the Great WatersRegion and myself, Judy Lee ,and Judy Beaumont


On Saturday 2/25/17 we gather again at the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community Church in Fort Myers for the priestly ordination of Deacon Maria Elena. 


Rvda. Marina Teresa and I present Maria Elena to the Bishop

Mr. Harry Lee Gary leads us in the Psalm and Rev. Judy Beaumont reads the Gospelimg_0502



Rev. Judith McKloskey leads us in The Litany of the Saints as Maria Elena prostrates to surrender herself completely to God in the Priesthood



+Bishop Andrea M. Johnson ordains her with the laying on of hands and the assembly follows.  Her hands are then anointed for priestly service to the people of God as a servant leader. 



Rvda Maria Elena Sierra Sanchez is presented by Bishop Andrea and welcomed by the community


And afterward we gather in Holy Communion and Holy Community:





Hank Tessandori presents a painting of Mary and Jesus at the wedding Feast at Cana. to Rvda Maria Elena. She loves this Gospel as one signifying the collaboration of Mary and Jesus in launching his ministry-seeing Mary as the first Apostle. img_0633.jpg


 Above with Rev. Caryl Conroy Johnson Rvda Maria Elena holds a picture of her beloved father, Eneson Sierra  and niece, Laurita, who were among the saints who blessed her this day.

VAYA CON DIOS QUERIDA RVDA. MARIA ELENA.RCWP with much love, Rev. Judy Lee, RCWP and all the community here and in CaliDSCF0117img_0667


Hasta Luego…


2 responses to “Highlights of Rev. Maria Elena’s USA Visit”

  1. Patricia Byrne says :

    Such wonderful photos. Joy was jumping off the page. It was lovely meeting Maria Elena the other day. She was absolutely radiant. Such a blessed event for the church building. Your hearts must have been exploding! Peace and All Good to a Good Shepherd! P

  2. Susan Schessler says :

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful event, the ordination to priesthood of Maria Elena. Every moment was captured so beautifully and Maria’s story told so well. Thank you.

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